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October 2017 Meeting – Caselaw Update by the Honorable Craig A. Gargotta, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge

The monthly meeting for October, 2017 will be held on Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at  the San Antonio Country Club, at 4100 N. New Braunfels Ave., San Antonio, Texas.

Social begins at 5:00 p.m., followed by an informative presentation at 5:30 p.m.

Map to San Antonio Country Club.


The presentation this month will be a Caselaw Update by the Honorable Craig A. Gargotta, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge.


Judge Gargotta


Case Update:

This is the CASE SUMMARY:  Case Summaries_2017_Final

The following are copies of the Western District opinions that Judge Gargotta will be discussing.

16-01102-tmd_Satija_v. United States Of America Internal Revenue Service_2017-06-14_231209

16-51059-cag_Waheeda_T Kara_2017-07-13_231003

16-60352-rbk_Kelly_Diane Pustejovsky_2017-09-01_230752

12-11580-cag Valence – ROTH

16-01062-tmd_Prado_v. Erickson et al_2017-09-29_230943-2

Viegelahn v. RBFCU Opinion 16-05097_KD

16-50557-rbk_Buffets,_LLC and Hometown Buffet, Inc._2017-09-18_230810-3

17-01052-hcm_Lain_v. Watt et al_2017-08-24_230750

In addition to discussing these opinions, he will be reviewing the following bankruptcy Cases at the United States Supreme Court:

(no links)

Cert. granted:

15-1509: U.S. National Bank Association v. Village at Lakeridge (Lower Court Decision: Village at Lakeridge, LLC v. Rabkin, 814 F.3d 993 (9th Cir.))
16-784: Merit Management Group v. FTI Consulting(Lower Court Decision: FTI Consulting, Inc. v. Merit Mgmt. Grp., LP, 830 F.3d 690 (7th Cir. 2016)).

Cert. denied:

16-1136: Leslie v. Hancock Park Capital II, L.P. (In re Fitness Holdings Int’l, Inc.) (Lower Court Decision: Leslie v. Hackcock Park Capital II (In re Fitness Holdings Int’l, Inc.), 660 Fed. Appx. 546 (9th Cir.)).

16-1236: Quinn v. City of Detroit (In re City of Detroit) (Lower Court Decision: Ochadleus v. City of Detroit (In re City of Detroit), 838 F.3d 792 (6th Cir.)).


Thanks to Kristie Duchesne, Law Clerk for the Honorable Craig A. Gargotta,  for compiling and forwarding the above cases and summary.





Judge Craig Gargotta


B.A., History, Texas A&M University – 1981

M.A., History, Texas A&M University – 1984

J.D., St. Mary’s School of Law – 1989


United States Bankruptcy Judge, October 1, 2007 – present

Assistant U.S. Attorney, San Antonio, Texas, 1990-2007

Editor-in-Chief, The Federal Lawyer, 2001-2008

Contributing Editor, American Bankruptcy Institute Journal, 1993-2007

Adjunct Professor of Legal Writing, St. Mary’s School of Law, 2002-2006

Contributing Editor, The San Antonio Lawyer, 1997-2001

President, San Antonio Chapter of the Federal Bar Association, 1996-1998

Law Clerk to United States Bankruptcy Judge Ronald B. King, Western District of Texas, 1989-1990


Speaker – Department of Justice Seminars regarding bankruptcy, legal writing and trial advocacy, 1997-2007.

Speaker – bankruptcy seminars with the State Bar of Texas, University of Texas Law School, American Bankruptcy Institute, Federal Bar Association, and San Antonio Bankruptcy Bar.

Judge Gargotta has written over 20 columns for the ABI Journal and published a law review article in the American Bankruptcy Institute Law Review in 2003. In addition, he has published roughly 25 columns or articles in other publications such as The San Antonio Lawyer, The Federal Lawyer, In Bankruptcy (a DOJ publication), and the United States Attorneys Bulletin.


Twenty – Five Most Recent Opinions of Judge Gargotta:


16-05097-cag_Viegelahn_v. Randolph Brooks FCU et al_2017-10-12_230814.pdf 10-13-2017
12-12371-tmd_Michael_Edward Quigley and Francine Gilmore Quigley_2017-10-10_230818.pdf 10-11-2017
16-01062-tmd_Prado_v. Erickson et al_2017-09-29_230943.pdf 09-30-2017
17-51137-cag_Pamela_Hutchings_2017-09-19_230803.pdf 09-20-2017
16-50557-rbk_Buffets,_LLC and Hometown Buffet, Inc._2017-09-18_230810.pdf 09-19-2017
16-60352-rbk_Kelly_Diane Pustejovsky_2017-09-01_230752.pdf 09-02-2017
17-01052-hcm_Lain_v. Watt et al_2017-08-24_230750.pdf 08-25-2017
16-50026-cag_Carl_N Merkle_2017-08-15_230841.pdf 08-16-2017
17-07002-tmd_American_Standard Energy, Corp., A Nevada Corp. et v. Geronimo Holding Corporation et al_2017-08-08_230854.pdf 08-09-2017
17-50814-cag_Jose_Francisco Ortiz-Peredo and Lilia Guadalupe Lopez_2017-07-18_230931.pdf 07-19-2017
16-50026-cag_Carl_N Merkle_2017-07-14_230813.pdf 07-15-2017
16-51059-cag_Waheeda_T Kara_2017-07-13_231003.pdf 07-14-2017
16-11384-tmd_Frederick_Leland Stanford and Deborah Lynn Stanford_2017-06-28_231216.pdf 06-29-2017
16-01102-tmd_Satija_v. United States Of America Internal Revenue Service_2017-06-14_231209.pdf 06-15-2017
16-01101-tmd_Quezada_et al v. Internal Revenue Service_2017-06-12_231009.pdf 06-13-2017
15-01110-hcm_Munoz,_Jr., Assignee v. Cedar Park Construction, LLC et al_2017-06-08_231022.pdf 06-09-2017
15-01118-tmd_Higgs_v. Colliau_2017-05-25_090716.pdf 05-25-2017
15-52459-cag_Stan_P Bates_2017-05-15_231124.pdf 05-16-2017
12-53022-rbk_Oralia_Garcia Perez_2017-05-05_230953.pdf 05-06-2017
16-10020-tmd_FPMC_Austin Realty Partners, LP_2017-03-10_230859.pdf 03-11-2017
15-05028-rbk_Lopez v. Hernandez et al_2017-01-17 23;07;06.pdf 01-18-2017
16-01004-hcm_Xtreme Power Plan Trust, by and through Angelo DeC v. Schindler et al_2016-12-22 23;07;44.pdf 12-23-2016
16-50552-cag_Palmaz Scientific Inc. and ABPS Venture One, Ltd._2016-11-22 23;06;59.pdf 11-23-2016
15-05083-cag_United States of America v. Gandy et al_2016-11-04 23;07;07.pdf 11-05-2016
15-05047-cag_Patek et al v. Alfaro et al_2016-09-29 23;07;09.pdf 09-30-2016




CV information derived from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Western Division of Texas website  at and